AIRE and Servitec united for top-tier cabin interiors and aircraft maintenance.

<strong>AIRE and Servitec united for top-tier cabin interiors and aircraft maintenance.</strong>


new brand for the group formed by AIRE and SERVITEC.

Under the umbrella of AVIACTION, both companies will be able to offer even more complete solutions,

gathering experiences and complementing their capabilities.

AVIACTION employs over 200 people and combines more than three decades of experience to provide

an unprecedented range of tailor-made solutions, addressing the increasing demands of aircraft

operators and owns.

One of the key benefits of the creation of AVIACTION is our ability to provide aircraft maintenance

services and cabin solutions under one roof.

AIRE has been at the forefront of aircraft interiors engineering, manufacturing, and MRO services since

the year 2000. AIRE provides turnkey solutions for cabin modifications and interiors maintenance

through its Part 21J, 21G and 145, minimizing the impact on aircraft operations.

Founded in 2009, SERVITEC AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE is a company specialized in line maintenance.

SERVITEC is able to meet the complex and evolving requirements of the aviation industry with a high

level of flexibility, accompanying its customers to whichever airport is required. Additionally, SERVITEC

offers comprehensive services for aircraft parking and preservation in a safe and favourable

environment, within its dedicated facilities, in Spain.

AVIACTION is the result of combining the skills, experience, and certifications of AIRE and SERVITEC.