During first access on this webpage we advise cookies use through a banner published in the homepage; we identify and inform about main purposes of mentioned cookies and the responsible of their us and installation. Furthermore, we indicate that if you agree to continue the navigation, we have the confirmation of acceptance of cookies policy.

According to the above mentioned, AIRE has developed a Cookies Policy with the intention of enlarging and detailing the information provided in initial informative banner. We are glad to inform cookies typology used in our web and how to manage them according to navigator and device (PC, Portátil, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.) utilized to access to the website.

Please be aware that present Cookies Policy is published permanently in the lower part of webpage in case the user is willing to revise it.

Lastly, we underline again that free navigation on the webpage and/or any registration will be considered as acceptance for cookies installation unless if user has previously modified navigator configuration to avoid it. In any case, user can modify navigator settings according to his/her preferences.

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  1. What does a cookie mean?

A cookie is a file downloaded in the terminal from the person accessing to the webpage which allows to webpage owner to recover and store determined information regarding multiple variables such as number of webpage visits, identify registered users, to permit a safe and stable navigation, etc.


  1. Cookies typology

In the following paragraphs we detail Cookies types used in our webpage:

  • Entity Managing the cookies

Cookies type can vary according the entity managing the domain and sending cookies as well as processing received data.

Owned Cookies are the ones sent directly to user terminal from domain and managed by AIRE, being webpage editor.

Third party Cookies are the ones sent directly to user terminal from a domain managed by a third party. In this webpage, there are third party cookies like and

  • Activation time on equipment terminal

Session Cookies represent a typology of Cookies developed to obtain and store data while user is entering into the webpage. These Cookies are stored in their terminal until the end of navigation session.

Persistent Cookies represent a typology of Cookies developed to store data in the terminal anytime; mentioned data are accessible and processable during a period of time defined by Cookies responsible.

  • Scope

Technical Cookies allow the user to enjoy a stable navigation on the website and the utilization of different options and services included in the webpage, such as: user identification, webpage personalization, security elements during navigation, user login in the webpage, etc.

Analytics Cookies represent a typology of Cookies developed to follow and analyse users’ behaviour on webpage. These cookies allow the webpage owner to calculate activities on webpage through statistical information. On, we use analytics cookies, owned and persistent, for previously described purposes, such as Google Analytics cookies which have a different duration based on the information they provide.

More information:

You can disable this type of cookies through following link:

Advertising Cookies: represent a typology of Cookies which allow to manage advertising space visualized by the user. With this aim, implements persistent cookies of DoubleClick (Advertising Platform of Google Inc). These cookies permit to publish advertising contents based on user interests and avoid showing advertisements already seen by the user.

For more information:

You can disable this type of cookies through following link: (Network Advertising Initiative) (DoubleClick by Google Inc)

For a clearer overview regarding above mentioned information, please have a look at below scheme:

 S= Session Cookies

P= Persistent Cookies 

    Technical Personalization Analytics Advertising More Information
Owned Cookies AIRE S   S+P


Third Party Cookies Facebook P
WordPress S P
Double click       P


  1. Who is using Cookies?

Information obtained through cookies downloaded by domain is used by webpage owner, AIRE and Google Inc as provider of analytics and advertising services.

Further Third-Party companies such as Automattic Inc. (WordPress), Google Inc and Facebook Inc. have access to the information obtained by cookies managed from their domains. For more information, have a look at above mentioned links.

  1. Cookies Management

Considering provided information through the present Cookies Policy, please find below an overview on how to manage cookies used on domain through different browsers (Explore, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry).

User shall be aware that if he/she blocks webpage cookies installation, the consequence will be a defect into the navigation and/or contents.

All browsers allow users to manage cookies installed on a determined webpage, to obtain information about the duration of data storage and the possibility to deactivate, block and/or cancel them.

User shall modify browser configuration used in his/her terminal, PC, smartphone or tablet. Generically speaking, browsers offer following configuration options regarding cookies installation:

Cookies Full rejection – No cookies to be installed from any website.

Cookies alert – Browser informs before cookies installation and user will decide to accept or not.

Third-party Cookies rejection – Browser allow the installation of webpage cookies but reject Third-parties cookies.

Private Browsing – Private Browsing allow the installation of all cookies; nevertheless, they are fully cancelled once the navigation is finalized.

Please find below some links to collect information regarding cookies management for each type of browser:

.-Internet Explorer™:

Versión 5:

Versión 6:

Versión 7 y 8:

Versión 9: