AIRE delivers the 40th AIRBUS A330 MRTT

AIRE delivers the 40th AIRBUS A330 MRTT

The MRTT (Multi Role Tanker Transport) is a flight refueling tanker manufactured by Airbus Military based on the civilian model Airbus A330-200.

AIRE is in charge of the re-installation of all cabin and cargo components once all the refueling and associated equipment has been introduced in the aircraft. The team is comprised of 30 ground engineers & technicians specialized in the aircraft cabin.

This task is of great complexity and requires highly qualified personnel and the top quality standards since the status of delivery of the aircraft to the client is Factory New.

In addition AIRE has the responsibility to refurbish any cabin element damaged during the disassembly and modification phases before delivery to the customer for final acceptance, the so called QLBs. Over a thousand have been raised in a single delivery.

AIRE has collaborated with AIRBUS since the very first prototype back in 2007 to the successful delivery of the 40th MRTT aircraft in 2018 for various clients such as Australia, United Kingdom, UAE, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.