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From Tail Strike to Sky High: AVIACTION Subsidiaries Collaborate to Keep Icelandair Aircraft Flying in ‘Around theWorld Tour’ for a leading luxury travel agency.

Sometimes challenges arise, putting even the most carefully planned journeys on hold. This was the case for the “Around the World Tour” aboard B757 aircraft registered as TF-LLL, from Loftleidir-Icelandic a member of Icelandair Group, when a tail strike forced an unscheduled pause. In response to this setback, Icelandair promptly dispatched a Boeing 767-300ER to take over the global journey.
TF-LLL was “customized to accommodate around 80 pax VIP-style leather seating.” according to the luxury travel agency.

Following the incident, TF-LLL was taken to Madrid for required structural repairs. LoftleidirIcelandic identified the need for the VIP seats and certain interior elements from TF-LLL, to be transferred to another B757 in Iceland, designated to continue the “Around the World Tour” flights. In this critical point, AVIACTION companies, namely AIRE and SERVITEC, demonstrated exceptional efficiency to expedite the activities to make it happen.

TF-LLL landed in Madrid right after the new year where, despite the festive season, AIRE and SERVITEC operations continued without interruption. Thanks to the collaborative effort and keeping the entire project under AVIACTION roof, AIRE and SERVITEC found a solution in just one week. This challenging project required the removal of seats and closets, almost emptying the overall cabin, in a record time of two days.

Taking the lead, AIRE’s specialized team of technicians skilfully removed all seats and closets from the B757. These components were then transported to AIRE’s warehouse in Madrid, where they underwent rigorous inspection/checks in accordance with seats CMMs to issue relevant EASA Form 1 for prompt re-installation in Iceland on selected aircraft. To finalize the entire project, AIRE logistics team packed in record time all the components for smooth shipment to Iceland. In the meantime, since the aircraft landed in MAD, SERVITEC has been responsible for aircraft airworthiness along the activities, signing relevant WOs for cabin emptying and aircraft CRS before the aircraft was taken to the hangar for relevant repairs.

Through proactive measures, swift responsiveness, and a cohesive team effort, AVIACTION successfully addressed the unexpected challenge, turning it into a seamlessly executed project. The incident, initially posing a threat to the “Around the World Tour,” ultimately showcased AVIACTION’s resilience and expertise, ensuring the expedition continued its journey.

For the third year in a row, AIRE would like to inform all of its customers and partners that the team will attend MRO Europe 2023, at Hall 5, Stand 1176, on October 18th and 19th at RAI Amsterdam. We encourage you to meet our teamand discover more about our products and capabilities. Looking forward to meeting you there!

Contact us at sales@aire.es to arrange a meeting with our representatives.


new brand for the group formed by AIRE and SERVITEC.

Under the umbrella of AVIACTION, both companies will be able to offer even more complete solutions,

gathering experiences and complementing their capabilities.

AVIACTION employs over 200 people and combines more than three decades of experience to provide

an unprecedented range of tailor-made solutions, addressing the increasing demands of aircraft

operators and owns.

One of the key benefits of the creation of AVIACTION is our ability to provide aircraft maintenance

services and cabin solutions under one roof.

AIRE has been at the forefront of aircraft interiors engineering, manufacturing, and MRO services since

the year 2000. AIRE provides turnkey solutions for cabin modifications and interiors maintenance

through its Part 21J, 21G and 145, minimizing the impact on aircraft operations.

Founded in 2009, SERVITEC AIRCRAFT MAINTENANCE is a company specialized in line maintenance.

SERVITEC is able to meet the complex and evolving requirements of the aviation industry with a high

level of flexibility, accompanying its customers to whichever airport is required. Additionally, SERVITEC

offers comprehensive services for aircraft parking and preservation in a safe and favourable

environment, within its dedicated facilities, in Spain.

AVIACTION is the result of combining the skills, experience, and certifications of AIRE and SERVITEC.

EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) and ECDC (European Centre for Disease Protection and Control) have published new guidance for a safe air travel experience as normal services is resuming following the outbreak of COVID-19. The procedures state the importance at every stage of the passenger journey, from good practise before arriving to departure airport until the actions to undertake at destination.

The guidelines have been published through an easy scheme in order to make it understandable for every passengers.

Have a look at the poster at this link

AIRE Centre of Excellence has been working hard to develop an EASA approved minor modification to allow the cargo operations in passenger cabin to transport medical equipment (masks, gloves, clothes) to keep up the fight against COVID-19.

AIRE DOA team has put the best effort to achieve the “special” cargo configuration solution through minor modification approval to support Airlines for the essential service they are providing for humanitarian cargo transportation.

Means of installation and relevant configuration are fully compliant with structural integrity, fire protection and emergency evacuation requirements following EASA, IATA and TCH recommendations.

The solution is based on the utilization of nets compliant to TSO 90C to fix the cargo on passenger seats, installed according to aircraft LOPA; being a temporary condition, AIRE includes in the Minor Mod documentation the reverse instruction to return to the normal passenger configuration.

Documentation package, including AFM, W&B and SB is ready in less than 2 days, aligned with the strong commitment AIRE team is putting to support aviation in the current situation.

Minor modification is a dynamic and effective solution faster than Article 71 exemption, through NAAs, which allows Airlines to bring medical supplies to support coronavirus fighting.

AIRE Centre of Excellence is at the service of Airlines to defeat the public enemy and see aircrafts shining again in our skies soon.