The COVID-19 spread is affecting and changing our daily habits and practices in order to avoid a new and incontrollable diffusion of the virus. Airlines are getting ready to start commercial flights operations and they are continuously investing on many solutions to let passengers travel in the safest way.

Beside the cleaning & disinfection of cabin interiors, COVID-19 spread is, above all, risky with people contacts: this is why World Health Organization (WHO) has been recommending, since the beginning of the pandemic, a “social distance” of, at least, 1 meter between people.

In the continuous endeavour of supporting Airlines to face the current situation, AIRE Design and Airworthiness team have carried on the approval of a low density configuration for one of our customers to let Airlines accommodate their passengers complying with the mandatory distance imposed by governments and health organizations.

The low density configuration on an A320 can host a total of 112 passengers with a pitch between the rows of 56 inches, allowing a distance between passengers of almost 1.5m.

COVID-19 spread has brought a sense of fear of travelling in passengers. Airlines have to be committed in assuring passengers a safe cabin status to let their desire of travelling overcome the fear of virus contagion.

Low density configuration is one of the action to let our passengers feel comfortable and safe.

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